Pros and cons of waxing hair removal

Advantages of waxing

  1. waxingEffective and fast- it removes large amounts of hair within a short period. It is recommended for men’s backs and chests.
  2. Long lasting- hair in the waxed areas take up to 8 weeks to grow back. Compared to shaving every day, it saves you a lot of time.
  3. Treats at the root- waxing removes the hair right from the follicles. When the hair starts to grow back, it comes out softer compared to that from other hair removal techniques. The hair will take longer to grow back as well, compared to other methods which remove the hair from the surface. This is the only way you can get a smooth skin after saving for long.
  4. Soft regrowth- if you keep on waxing, you will notice that the grown hair gets smoother after every session. The effect will remain even after you stop waxing.
  5. Economical- compared to other hair removal methods like electrolysis and laser, waxing is affordable. This is because the salon will not be needed to invest in expensive equipment. Also, it takes a shorter period to carry out the treatment procedure.


  1. leg hair removalDiscomfort- the procedure can hurt especially if pulled off the skin. However, the pain is sharp and does not last but very unpleasant.
  2. Cost- it might be cheaper than laser, but it is not a permanent solution. You will be required to come back again and again. Calculating the total cost, you will realize that it is more expensive.
  3. Skin irritation- your skin will be left sore after waxing. This is so if you have thick hair and for the first treatments when the follicles are still strong. It gets better with time.
  4. Ingrown hairs- the regrowth process could involve ingrown hairs. This makes the skin bumpy.
  5. Waiting- waxing is only done when there is enough hair to remove. This means you will have to stay longer before going for the next visit. At the waiting period, you might have too much hair than you like. You might not be able to wear your sleeveless tops or short skirts because the hair on those places is too much.
  6. Embarrassment- bikini treatments might be embarrassing at first. However, it gets better as time goes by and you will not have to feel all shy.

After weighing the pros and cons, it is now up to you to decide if you will still do waxing or you are going to opt for other forms of hair removal.…

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Guide to Natural Skincare

The skin absorbs many dirt and chemical during the day. Look at the different types of makeup applied to the skin every day, and you will understand how much chemicals are absorbed in the skin. Some chemicals are to be used in certain amounts on the skin. Well, this is per skin experts. They will tell you that there is nothing better than natural skin care.

What is natural skin care?

natural skin careIt is all about using natural ingredients to take care for the skin. The ingredients can be divided into organic, herbal and natural. Different manufacturers use different procedures to prepare the natural products, and each keeps their procedure a secret. It is so serious that the regulatory bodies do not have a say over the same. So what are you supposed to expect from natural skin care?

  • The products should not contain any harmful preservatives or chemicals harmful to the body.
  • They are produced from 100% natural ingredients and products. To note here is that organic and natural mean different things.
  • The products should be manufactured in the mentioned country.
  • That the manufacturing companies do not use animal testing to test the natural products.

How to choose natural products

Did you know that natural skin care products are available in both makeup and skincare? Now you know. However, the main point is to bet the right brand. You need to get the best irrespective of whether you are buying a massage cream or a homemade face mask.

  • face mask, natural skin care productsLabel- a genuine manufacturer will ensure a transparent product label. The relevant details will be available on the packing or sticker of the product.
  • Ingredients- this is very important. Check if the ingredients are natural as claimed by the seller. Avoid products that only mention the key ingredients.
  • Brand- do you trust the brand? Is it reputable? The brand you choose should be certified by independent labs and regulatory bodies. If that is the case, the products from the company can be trusted.
  • Organic or natural? – If the products are organic, it means that they are made without additional chemicals and fertilizers. This is to say that organic products are better than natural products. Be sure that the products are certified to be organic as well.
  • Are the products formulated for sensitive skin? – Many natural skin care products are said to be fit for sensitive skin. It is, however, essential to check on the same.