Beards are seen as a sign of power in many parts of the world. However, patience is needed if you want to grow a thick beard. The growth rate of your hair, which the beards are part of is based on the level of testosterone and your genetics. This article will give you some simple tips to help you grow your beards naturally. Read on

Tips to grow your beards faster

Take care of your body

grow beardsThe growth rate and health of your facial hair are determined by your general health. To get healthy hair, you should increase the intake of proteins like beans, fish, and eggs. Stress affects the growth of your hair in a big way. It is therefore important to keep yourself away from any form of stress. Exercising every day is a good way to take out stress. Getting enough sleep helps as well.


Do not give up too soon after starting to grow your beards. At times your beards will feel itchy all day. It might be too much that you want to cut them off. You will experience this mostly during the first month, but I urge you to hold on. With no time, it will become soft, and all irritations will go away.

Let it grow

The first months will feel like you are growing a forest on your face. At times you will be tempted to trim them to the normal size you are used to. Resist such urge. I will not lie but the first few weeks of thick beards will not be easy. Try as much to maintain it. Do not cut even a single hair. After growing it for around a month and a half, you can now trim it to the desired shape.

Hairless spots

hairless spotsWe all have those hairless spots on the face. This should not worry you. With time, under the right care, hair will grow and fill up the empty spaces. Depending on your hormones, this process might take up to three weeks. Give it as much time as it needs to fill up before you start styling it. All the above are simple steps to help you grow thick beards. As I wind up, I would like to say that people are different. Do not expect to get the same exact hair like that of your friend. Work hard towards yours and be proud of what you got. Comparing yourself to others will only disappoint you.