Different Types of Handbags for Women

Some accessories are popular, and they are not likely to lose their charm anytime soon. Most people refer them as woman’s best friends because they go with her belongings that she needs. This is none other than the handbag. It is one of the essential accessories that most women carry whenever they are going to a place. However, most of them are unable to differentiate the various types of handbags that are on the market today.

It is critical to understand that there are many types of handbags you are likely to get in various boutiques. Here are some of the multiple kinds of handbags you are required to know.

Tote bag

oiuytredfcvhbjklTote bags are mostly used with women and teen. This type of a handbag has wide side straps and a top zipper that make a tote bag to look very stylish and trendy. This means that you can use this bag for everyday use. It has a wide opening that makes it easy to access and store your various properties. Therefore, a tote bag is a versatile bag that can be used every day.


This is a small size bag that is used or referred to a purse. Most women prefer them because they are very easy to carry more especially when you do not want to load yourself with many accessories. Also, this type of a purse can be categorized as a money wallet. Therefore, you can prefer to purchase this type of a bag because they are cheap as compared to other types of purses or handbags.

The casual day bag

If you want to show off your style, then this is the best handbag you are required to purchase. After you have reached the market, you will find various options that will meet your style. Take your time and choose the best brand such as Prada. You need to consider this brand because Prada handbags are the best because they are made of quality materials that are likely to stay for long.

The shoulder handbags

poiuytrdsxcvbnjkThe shoulder bags are the most commonly preferred handbags because they have a sophisticated and sleek sporty appeal. Some shoulder handbags have a double strap while others have a single strap that is long enough to be carried over the shoulder. This type of a handbag comes in different designs, materials, and sizes. This means that you can get the best shoulder bag that will meet your fashion requirements.