Essential Tools for Cutting Nails

Cutting your nails is one of the basic grooming tasks that you have to do regularly. Getting it done right will give you a feeling of satisfaction, in addition to making your fingers and toes look neat. Most men use the wrong tools, which makes it difficult to get the job done right. Below are some of the tools that you should use to get healthier nails and a cleaner look.

Compound Lever Clippers

Compound lever clippers are probably the most common among all nail cutting tools. They are quite easy to manufacture, which makes them relatively cheap. When buying one, you should choose one which has very sharp blades. This is because the clippers will crush your nails as opposed to cutting them if the blades are not extremely sharp. The blades should preferably be made from high-carbon stainless steel instead of the basic stainless steel. The high-carbon stainless steel is much more expensive, but it remains sharp for a longer time.

Plier Clippers

Plier clippers cut nails using an almost a similar mechanism to the lever clippers but look more like scissors. Unlike scissors which cut from one side to another, the cutting blades of the plier clipper cut through the entire length of the nail at once. It offers better control over the angle that you wish to trim your nails at, given that you can get to the nail from whichever side. When choosing one, make sure you take the same cautions as with the lever clippers.

Nail Scissors

nail scissors They cut nails from one side to the other, reducing the chances of cracking or splitting delicate nails. Nail scissors also give more control over the cutting angle, just like the plier clippers. When using one, however, you should ensure that you do not bend it as that will interfere with the cutting angle. Using the wrong angle may also result in the scissors tearing the nail instead of cutting it.

Nail Files

A nail file is so much more than just a cosmetic frippery. It is a great tool when you wish to slightly reduce the length of your nail or smoothen out the edges without any risk of cracking the nails. You can also use a nail file to shape the nail, such as rounding off the edges. Filing, when done correctly, can help to prevent hangnails, ingrowths, and infections.