shiny marble floor

The Amazing Uses of Marble in Home Architecture

What do you think is common among all these famous architectural wonders; the Taj Mahal of India, the Pantheon in Rome, the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C., the Odeon of Herodes Atticus Theater in Greece and the Leaning Tower of Pisa? They are all constructed with the use of marble.

In ancient times, marble was considered a prized stone by emperors and royal families. It was to build enormous monuments and other beautiful architectural masterpieces, some of which have withstood centuries that makes the present generation continually wonder. Because of its glassy and translucent properties and natural beauty, it was the standard of luxury and opulence.

Today, the use of marble has transcended from being used only by the affluent to being utilized by many in various other purposes.  The use of marble in the construction and architecture industry has already become multi-dimensional. Although the sale of marble or venta de marmol is still more expensive than other stones, it is widely used in the following purposes in home architecture because of its many advantages aside from its natural beauty.

As an Important Ingredient for Wall Cladding

marble wall claddingWall cladding is the outer protective covering that separates the building structure from exterior elements such as heat and sounds. It is an assembly of materials which aims to provide thermal insulation, resistance to weather conditions and for aesthetic purposes. Obviously, marble is added for its decorative properties.

By mixing marble as a cladding ingredient, homeowners are spared of spending annually on repainting their homes.

As Flooring

Marble is now preferred choice for floorings because of their glassy clean appearance. It is easy to clean and with just a run-down of the floor mop will make your floor shiny. Often used in the kitchen in areas which usually get wet like the sink area and the kitchen worktops.

Marble is also widely used in showers and toilets. Steps made out of marble are easier to clean and will definitely look more attractive.

For Decorative and Other Purposes

marble worktopAn interior wall cladding with marble in some select part of your wall will look artistic and cleaner to see. Pillars in front of your house can use marble to look like those in the US Supreme Court Building. Bench tops and table tops in your veranda will be nicer to see when they are made out of marble. You can also make your window sills to look better with the use of marble.

With its cool and smooth surface, your fireplace frontage with marble finish will be an added attraction in your home.

For Landscaping

Make a beautiful Roman garden out of your front yard. With a marble fountain as the centerpiece of your garden and marble sculptures on the side, plus a marble table and marble benches; your garden will absolutely look regal.