Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

woman with wigAt some point in time, the only solution people had after losing hair was to wear wigs or accept their fate. In current times, however, there are various options for hair restoration, which are quite effective. Among the best solutions is scalp micropigmentation. Ideally, scalp micropigmentation by Luxe Micro is a hairline treatment that utilizes special ink and needles to replicate an appearance of natural pigments. The application of the pigments is made at the epidermal level of the scalp several times. That means that it takes several treatments for the procedure to be completed.

How Scalp Micropigmentation Works

Scalp micropigmentation, unlike many other procedures, does not particularly restore your hair. It only gives a visual illusion that mimics hair follicles. There are also various minor differences in how different experts tackle the procedure. Standard tattoo parlous can do the procedure, but the results are usually not nearly as impressive as when the experts handle it. Keep in mind that the visual illusion will last for long, so you should not risk it with a non-professional.

Using a unique ink and specialized needles, the expert will start by applying a series of textured dots on your scalp. The density of the pigments applied will continue to increase gradually until when you get a simulated hairline and an appearance of shaved follicles. The entire procedure can last about three or four sessions, each of six to ten hours. That, however, will mostly depend on the extent of your hair loss and choice of color.

Is the Procedure Painful?

man's scalp

A majority of people considering scalp micropigmentation usually have pain as their primary concern. The simple answer is that you can experience some pain during the procedure. Describing the amount of pain that you will experience is complicated as different individuals have pain thresholds. For some people, it might feel like a minor discomfort. Some treatment centers use anesthesia during the procedure to ensure that you will not feel any pain.

Scalp Micropigmentation Side Effects

Just as with any other hair restoration procedure, scalp micropigmentation does have some side effects. The side effects are in many ways similar to those of standard tattooing. The main one is feeling sore and itchy on your scalp after each session. In some cases, continued scabbing and bleeding may also occur. You can also get an infection if proper procedure and aftercare is not followed. The side effects, however, are usually short-term.