Essential Features of the Top Brow Pomades

Looking good at all times is indeed a must during these times where social media is the favorite pastime of most people. In a day, you may never fail to take a selfie or a groupie to post on your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts. And even if you may not be active in social media, it is always best to look and feel good about yourself.

One of the beauty products that you should try is the brow pomade. It is a formula intended to add color and volume while sculpting your brows. A brow pomade is in the form of a cream placed in pint-sized containers. To choose the Best Pomade For Eyebrows, it helps if you look for the following qualities so you will be able to get the most satisfaction from these beauty products.

Water-Proof Quality

One quality that is important to check before buying a brow pomade is its water-proof attributes. A brow pomade that will not blot even under the rain or during a sweaty day will save you from any embarrassing situation. A poor-quality brow pomade is not water-resistant, which makes it not suited to wear outdoors and during physical activities or on a hot day. Most water-proof brow pomades are long-lasting, which will ensure that you keep the desired shape and volume throughout the day.


The smoothness of the application can be determined by the consistency of the cream. It should not be watery, so it will not drip from your brows to your skin below your eyebrows. It should not also be very thick so you can spread it to your brows easily and evenly. When the cream’s consistency is ideal, it feels lightweight on your brows, making it comfortable to wear all day long.


When a brow pomade is known for its high pigmentation qualities, it means that you can have the desired results of having well-defined eyebrows even with little quantity of the formula. A brand of brow pomade should also have different shades so you can apply any shade according to your mood. But before experimenting on the different shades, you should always know the best shade that suits your skin tone.

You should always take extra caution when using brow pomades with high pigmentation because the result may be disastrous.

Easy Application

A brow pomade is easy to apply when it has the ideal consistency, and the product has quality applicators such as brushes. It should be as convenient as using a pencil to enhance the appearance of your brows.

Other considerations that you can check when purchasing a brow pomade is its packaging and price. It would always be nice to have a cute and nice-looking item on your beauty kit without having to spend much of your money.