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What You Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation, or what people usually refer to as SMP, is a less popular treatment to treat issues of hair loss and baldness. Compared to tonic and hair transplantation, this treatment is still a less favored procedure. If you are familiar with the term microblading for eyebrows, you will notice that the SMP treatment is quite a similar practice. The only difference is only on the affected area. Despite its status as a less famous option for hair issues, the practice is known to be quite popular among big clinics and hair experts.

This article discusses several things about the treatment as part of its campaign and to inform people about what they can expect from this procedure.

What Is It?

Scalp micropigmentation is scalp treatment to treat baldness and extreme hair loss that involves tattoo. It is why the procedure is also called a scalp tattoo. It aims to create an illusion of hair shadow and fuller hairline. The layered dots are commonly referred to as pointillism, aiming to make your hair look fuller. When it comes to the question of why dots, the reason for that is because dots resemble natural hair follicles and blend naturally and seamlessly with your complexion. Remember that only skilled practitioners can handle the process.

Who Will Benefit from It?

Those who suffer from any type of extreme hair loss can benefit from the procedure. It includes people who have gone through a series of chemotherapy that results in baldness, people with alopecia, thinning hair, and common baldness patterns. Those who have healthy scalp and hair but feel like their hair is too thin that it makes them look dull can also join the treatment.

Is It Painful?

The answer to the question above is that it depends on your pain tolerance. Of course, the practitioners will apply some numbing tonic on the affected areas to prevent pain. However, it does not necessarily mean that the entire process will be pain-free. Some state that they still feel uncomfortable with the process, although they do not say that it is painful.

How Much Is It?

Different clinics may offer different prices for the procedure. But you can find the estimated numbers depending on how large the area that needs micropigmentation. You can expect to spend from $400 to $1000 for a single treatment. Despite expensive, many people find it a better option compared to other treatments.